At Loss Prevention Services we focus on our core competencies – skip locate, repossession management and transportation. Partnerships with technology leaders within our industry with the expertise, capabilities and infrastructure are key to successfully maintain assignment management software for these functions and to assure that the data that flows from clients to Loss Prevention Services and vendors is secure and seamless.

Information Security

Loss Prevention Services understands the importance of making sure our client and customers information is securely processed, stored and evaluated.

  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
  • Documented Information Security policies and procedures including:
    • Encryption (128-bit encryption)
    • Data Retention
    • Acceptable Use
    • Data Integrity
    • Access Administration
  • State of the Art Server Technology

Assignment Management

  • MBSi platform Re-Pros/iRepo
  • Recovery Database Network (RDN)
  • My Recovery System (MRS)